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Matt Napiwotzki


Matt Napiwotzki is a real estate sales representative and the proprietor for M&K Marketing Solutions. In real estate, his expertise is with luxury lakeside homes in Oakville, Ontario, and residential homes in London, Ontario. Matt is a member of the Howard McCulloch Real Estate Group, a leading real estate team in London, and Davenport Realty, a dominant brokerage in Southwestern Ontario.

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The Howard McCulloch Real Estate Group
The Howard McCulloch Real Estate Group is a team of 8 agents and 1 administrator. All members combined have over 40 years experience and specialize in residential resales and home leases. Click the link below to meet the team!


Here, you can see the team's current homes available for sale and lease, as well as some of their recently sold and leased homes.

The Mortgage App!

The Howard McCulloch Real Estate Group has their own custom mortgage calulator app to estimate mortages and other closing costs. Click the button below or scan the QR code to download the app!

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Selling large luxury homes is a very different market than the regular residential real estate market most people talk about. There are so many different factors to consider and strategies needed to market and sell luxury homes quickly at their true value. A lot of agents avoid listing them, but it is an area of expertise for Matt. The main areas he is most familiar with are Bronte, West Oakville, and the famous Keer Villiage.
Luxury House
A Word From His Clients


"A very professional young man, who definitely knows his stuff. I highly recommend Matt.. whether selling or buying."
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