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  • Matthew Napiwotzki

Time – The Most Powerful Currency

It goes without saying that time is very valuable, and the concept of time is extremely important for just about everything. I think it is safe to say that even though time is so highly regarded and valued it isn’t often considered a type of currency, but it shares all the same qualities as one.
You can spend it, earn it, save it, give it away, take it, loose it, and most importantly, you can invest it. Anybody, especially entrepreneurs, can spend a significant amount of time on something whether it be a project, assignment, or business deal to gain an even larger amount of time later. Working hard and getting some sleepless nights can certainly reward you with some time off to celebrate your hard work and success! This is even more relevant in the long term for any business owner or entrepreneur. If you follow the career paths of famous wealthy individuals such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezzos you can notice the pattern of how they worked extremely hard and endlessly in their 20s, switched to managing in their 30s, and then have been able to take some time off to relax and enjoy their earnings in their 40s. Whether it is short or long term, investing time can have some major benefits just like investing money.
While it may not bear the same resemblance as money because it isn’t a physical object, figure, or amount that fluctuates, it can still be recorded and managed in one place. Your calendar or schedule acts just like your bank account and allows you to see the time you have spent and the time you have earned. Certain instances, such as hitting all green lights on the way to work, are unexpected surprises that save you more time just like finding a deal or discount on an item in a store. They are small victories that don’t go uncherished! There are even different companies for calendars such as Google, iCloud, and Outlook, where you can store and manage your time just like BMO, RBC, and Scotiabank.
The saying, “Time is Money,” is undoubtably one of the most accurate expressions because of how true it really is. Time equals money and they are most definitely synonymous with each other. While money gives value in a way to live your life by paying for the things you need and want, time gives value in other very important ways such as allowing for self care, maintaining, and developing new relationships, and mentoring and inspiring others. Any extra time that is saved can also be used to make more money! The trends today seem to have people chasing various forms of currency such as cash in hand, cryptocurrencies, and strong global dollars such as USD or GBP, but in my opinion time is the ultimate currency that is most desired and by far the most valuable.
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