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  • Matthew Napiwotzki

You Can Use a Realtor to Lease a House?

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Yes you can! Real estate agents in Ontario also help landlords and tenants prepare residential lease agreements, which can be a major benefit. As a home owner, you can hire a realtor to list your house as a lease, which has all the same benefits as listing a home for sale. Your house gets listed on the market as an official MLS listing, which can bring forth tons of quality tenants that are usually being represented by another realtor that will qualify them for your home. You also get all the same marketing benefits, scheduled showings, and an agent that can do all the leg work such calling references and screening applications.

For those looking to rent a home, having a realtor represent you is very beneficial. It can sometimes be difficult to get responses from landlords directly, but having a realtor contact another realtor for you that is listing a home for rent helps ensure consistent and credible communication. A realtor can also book showings for you, find homes for you, and complete most of the forms and paperwork. Most importantly, realtors can access a lot of significant information about the property that you might not be able to find out from other sources such as Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji such as if it has had structural damage or not. The best benefit though that it is totally free for you as a tenant! Why wouldn't you want someone to do all the hard work for you if it is free?!

In London and Sarnia, the market is slowing down and becoming balanced. However, with house prices and mortgage rates still high, renting is still and becoming more and more popular for those looking for a home. There are some great benefits to renting as well, so if you are looking for a home, feel free to contact me anytime to see how I can help!
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